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Reconcile your EFT numbers with your TRN numbers

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835 Electronic Remittance Advice


"It took me less than 10 minutes to understand 835/837 SOLUTION and feel comfortable using it. This speaks very well for the program "

-Sandra, Office Manager




  • Converts all ERA files

    HIPAA Compliant 4010 and 5010 ANSI
    835 Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) files from any Payer or Clearinghouse
    into a standard EOB format

  • Easy-to-Read

    Fully customizable to sort and read
    files by check, claim, patient, insurance
    and provider

  • Identifies Unpaid Claims

    Immediately identifies unpaid and underpaid percentage claims

  • Manages Collections

    Dramatically improves office collections, resubmission of claims, underpaid claims,
    billing errors, rejection codes and co-pays

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to receive your ERA files and start using
835/837 Solution™ today.