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Q: What is 835/837 SOLUTION™?
A: 835/837 SOLUTION™ is an easy-to-use, windows-based software utility that allows medical professionals to read, translate, analyze,export and manage all patient transactions from any insurance carrier within HIPAA compliant 4010 and 5010 ANSI 835 ERA files and 837 files.
Q: What is an 835 (ERA)?
A: The 835, or Electronic Remittance  Advice (ERA), is the electronic method for providers to receive Explanation of  Benefits (EOB), Explanation of Payment (EOP) and claims denial  information.  This notice of payments and adjustments is sent by the  PAYERS and/or Clearinghouses to providers, billers and suppliers.  The industry standard for sending  ERA data is the HIPAA X12N 835 standard.
Q: Who uses ANSI 835?
A: Providers and payers use 835 electronic format.  Health care providers includes dentists, chiropractors, doctors, clinics, psychologists, nursing  homes and pharmacies. Payers include health insurance companies, HMOs, a  company's own health plan, and government programs.
Q: How do I receive ANSI 835 files?
A: Contact your insurance carrier or clearinghouse.   If you have enrolled with your insurance  carrier, your 835 file would be available from the Bulletin Board System (BBS),  web page or FTP program.
Q: What are some benefits and advantages to using 835/837 SOLUTION?
A: There are many benefits and advantages to using 835/837 SOLUTION, which include, but not limited to:

  • Instantly  convert raw ANSI 835 files into a readable and printable EOB format
  • Receive Payment Information more quickly
  • Faster communication and claims information
  • Easier retrieval of archived data
  • Instantly view  paid receivables in real time to help monitor cash flow
  • Organize actual  account receivables in one easy-to-view format
  • Quickly collect a high percentage of co-pays and deductibles
Q: Does 835/837 SOLUTION need to be compatible  with my practice management software?
A: 835/837 SOLUTION does not need to interface with your  practice management software.  835/837  SOLUTION is compatible with all HIPAA compliant ANSI 835 files from any Payer or  Clearinghouse.
Q: Can I print 835 files in an EOB format?
A: Yes, 835/837 SOLUTION allows you to read and print ERA files in a standard EOB format.
Q: Can I generate reports using 835/837 SOLUTION?
A: Yes,  with 835/837  SOLUTION you can easily generate and print reports based on the following:

  • Entire 835 file(s)
  • Provider
  • Check Number
  • Patient
  • Claim Control Number
  • Customized using export functionality..........and more!
Q: Can I create custom reports?
A: Yes,  835/837 SOLUTION also allows you to export patient data into  any file format (i.e. Excel) to create your own custom  reports
Q: Why do customers choose 835/837 SOLUTION™ over other products such as Medicare Remit Easy Print (MREP)?

There are many reasons customers choose 835/837 SOLUTION™ over other products such as Medicare Remit Easy Print (MREP).  The reasons include:

  • 835/837 SOLUTION™ works for all HIPAA compliant ANSI 835 ERA files from any Payer or Clearinghouse.
  • 835/837 SOLUTION™ reads primary, secondary, and tertiary insurance, while other products focus only on primary insurance.
  • 835/837 SOLUTION™ is user friendly and requires no training, while other products are cumbersome and hard to manage.
  • Updates and enhancements are available without the need to purchase a new version or install a new program.
  • OmniView Medical Solutions takes pride in providing industry-best customer support.
Q: What is the purpose of the annual renewal fee and when do I get charged?
A: The annual renewal fee is for the software license renewal, but also gives the customer unlimited support and maintenance, and access to updates/enhancements.  This allows customers to take full advantage of all new features without having to purchase a new version.  The annual renewal fee is applied after one year (365 days) of the original purchase date.  Please contact OmniView Medical Solutions with any questions or concerns at 1-855-843-9835.
Q: Can OmniView Medical Solutions LLC access any of the data?
A: NO.  Your data is kept on your PC or Network.  OmniView Medical Solutions has absolutly no access to any of your data.
Q: How do I retrieve my unlock code?
A: To retrieve your unlock code, simply navigate to the Unlock Code Generator page and enter your invoice number and details.  If your unlock code is already generated, it will be emailed to you.  If it has not been generated yet, it will be automatically emailed to you when it is generated.

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835 Electronic Remittance Advice


"It took me less than 10 minutes to understand 835/837 SOLUTION and feel comfortable using it. This speaks very well for the program "

-Sandra, Office Manager




  • Converts all ERA files

    HIPAA Compliant 4010 and 5010 ANSI
    835 Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) files from any Payer or Clearinghouse
    into a standard EOB format

  • Easy-to-Read

    Fully customizable to sort and read
    files by check, claim, patient, insurance
    and provider

  • Identifies Unpaid Claims

    Immediately identifies unpaid and underpaid percentage claims

  • Manages Collections

    Dramatically improves office collections, resubmission of claims, underpaid claims,
    billing errors, rejection codes and co-pays

Contact your Payer or Clearinghouse
to receive your ERA files and start using
835/837 Solution™ today.