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Medicare Remit Easy Print vs 835-837 Solution


MREP vs 835 Solution


In today's healthcare market, where profit margins continue to dwindle due to shrinking reimbursement under the pressure to reduce healthcare costs, the ability of healthcare providers to ensure they are properly paid is key to their survival. With pending and current Federal mandates on the incorporation of electronic transmission and processing of healthcare claims, providers are being forced to manage their claims electronically. The ability to read, analyze and act on ERA's (electronic remittance advice) has now become the financial life blood of all healthcare providers.


To this point many healthcare providers large and small have turned to using Medicare Remit Easy Print or MREP to read their 835 ERA files. While this is a cheap solution, most users of MREP have quickly realized it's not a comprehensive solution. For most providers MREP turns out to be a partial solution, in most cases failing to provide the answers, efficiency and ability they are looking for. 835/837 Solution on the other hand is a comprehensive tool, unlike MREP, 835Solution enables you to read, print, manipulate, analyze and export ALL 835 data/ERA files.

From a historical perspective, it's important to note that MREP was designed specifically for Medicare ANSII 835 ERA files. It was not designed to read other Insurance company files whether Primary, Secondary or Tertiary. Conversely, 835/837 Solution is a true Universal Reader, as long as a file is an ANSII 4010 or 5010 ERA file, 835/837 Solution can read it regardless of the payer that has generated the 835 ERA file.


In addition to the ability to read any ANSII 4010 or 5010 ERA file, 835/837 Solution offers many other benefits over MREP.

Unlike MREP, see patients that only have PLB data, and those that have both PLB and "typical" service line data within an 835.

First, we stand by and support our product, with Customer support just a quick email or telephone call away, we will ensure 835/837 Solution is meeting all your 835 ERA and 837 file reading and analysis needs. One of the biggest reasons our customers use our product is our customer support. At OmniView Medical Solutions LLC our mission is to ensure 835/837 Solution is meeting all your business needs. We accomplish this mission by being available and responsive, simply put our priority is putting our customers first.


Being able to read any file is just the start of the advantages 835Solution offers. Another advantage of 835Solution over MREP is the ability to run custom reports on the 835 Data. We offer 3 options for setting up custom reports that make 835 data relevant to your practice or Business. For example, find out where you are paid less than you were allowed by dollar amount or percentage with a simple click.


Another significant advantage 835/837 Solution offers your business is the ability to create customized exports of your 835 data. This functionality permits you to customize your export to include whatever fields you like, in whatever order you like to any csv or excel spreadsheet. This makes integrating 835/837 Solution to your practice's legacy software seamless. You don't have to reinvent the wheel to update your practice and maximize your revenue cycle management.


835/837 Solution also has enhanced search functionality to help you hone in quickly to what you are searching for no matter how many files or how large they are.  With separate options to search by any keyword or highlight any word or number, searching and utilizing 835 & 837 Data has never been easier.

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835 Electronic Remittance Advice


"It took me less than 10 minutes to understand 835/837 SOLUTION and feel comfortable using it. This speaks very well for the program "

-Sandra, Office Manager




  • Converts all ERA files

    HIPAA Compliant 4010 and 5010 ANSI
    835 Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) files from any Payer or Clearinghouse
    into a standard EOB format

  • Easy-to-Read

    Fully customizable to sort and read
    files by check, claim, patient, insurance
    and provider

  • Identifies Unpaid Claims

    Immediately identifies unpaid and underpaid percentage claims

  • Manages Collections

    Dramatically improves office collections, resubmission of claims, underpaid claims,
    billing errors, rejection codes and co-pays

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