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Reconcile your EFT numbers with your TRN numbers


This program has been extremely useful allowing us to print EOBs ourselves.  We have been able to save a lot of money by not having to pay additional fees to a clearinghouse to provide this service.  In addition, we have control over the 835 management process to decode and house the data in our database for other purposes.

-Jared, Payment Entry Manager

Our claims processing is more accurate, and our staff is able to reconcile rejected claims much quicker.  We are collecting payment sooner, and we have improved cash flow while spending less time correcting claims information errors.

-Jonathan, Billing Specialist

I'm very impressed. Not just because of the speed,  but also because of the ease at which we can view the patient claims information  and print reports.Very impressive.

-Dr Anderson, MD

We will never go back to the old system of paper EOBs.  The reports generated using 835/837 SOLUTION are great, and allow us to quickly and accurately see where the  money is located.The physicians are very satisfied with 835/837 SOLUTION. It is a  major factor in allowing us to collect our money quickly.

-Patricia, Office manager

It took me less than 10 minutes to understand  835/837 SOLUTION and feel comfortable using it.   This speaks very well for the program.

-Sandra, Office Manager

The ability to read our Medicare and Medicaid ERA files was the key factor in us purchasing 835/837 SOLUTION.  Thank you.  You solved our problem.

-Paul, Director

Thank you so much for your prompt resolution!  It's refreshing to work with a company that cares about its customers!

--Rick, System Administrator

I am completely satisfied using 835/837 Solution to manage our 835 files.  Medicare EasyPrint has proven too unreliable and lacks the features of 835/837 Solution.

-Mark, Billing Specialist

The printable reports are great, but being able to export the patient data into an excel spreadsheet has proven to be a huge plus for us.  It is the main reason we are able to keep our existing software system, and avoid a costly upgrade.

-Robert, Accounts Receivable

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835 Electronic Remittance Advice


"It took me less than 10 minutes to understand 835/837 SOLUTION and feel comfortable using it. This speaks very well for the program "

-Sandra, Office Manager




  • Converts all ERA files

    HIPAA Compliant 4010 and 5010 ANSI
    835 Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) files from any Payer or Clearinghouse
    into a standard EOB format

  • Easy-to-Read

    Fully customizable to sort and read
    files by check, claim, patient, insurance
    and provider

  • Identifies Unpaid Claims

    Immediately identifies unpaid and underpaid percentage claims

  • Manages Collections

    Dramatically improves office collections, resubmission of claims, underpaid claims,
    billing errors, rejection codes and co-pays

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